There are times when both sides dig in. Parents are adamant that their child’s educational needs are not being adequately met. School districts feel they have gone as far as they are willing or able to go.

One way to resolve these disagreements is at a due process hearing. Another is to enter into mediation and find space for a course of action both sides can agree to. When you are engaged in a dispute with the school, Sharon Ramage can represent your position and stand up for your child’s rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).


Mediation is an effective way to resolve a dispute with your school district if you cannot agree on an aspect of your child’s special education services. The Texas Education Agency is required by state and federal law to offer voluntary mediation to schools and parents to resolve disagreements over a child’s education plan.

Mediation is always offered when a parent or school requests a due process hearing, but may also be requested when there is no pending due process hearing. Mediators are experienced and knowledgeable in special education law and can help you and the school reach an agreement that is binding on both parties.

Your relationship with your child’s school is ongoing. Mediation by its nature is collaborative. So, all parties involved are working mutually to arrive at a result everyone can accept. Mediation provides an opportunity to have a neutral outsider help each party see the issues from a different perspective and eventually arrive at a solution that will work for the child. This nonadversarial process helps the parties preserve their ongoing relationship.

As a parent, you have the right to be assisted by an attorney during mediation. Sharon Ramage served as a special education mediator for 13 years and can help you plan for and negotiate a settlement during special education mediation. Work with a respected special education attorney to obtain the appropriate education your child deserves.

For effective dispute resolution, we invite you to call special education lawyer Sharon Ramage at 972-562-9890.

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