It’s About Time!

Texas Found Denying Students Special Education It’s about time! Parents and advocates for years have known that Texas schools have systematically and arbitrarily reduced their special education populations by refusing to evaluate and identify disabled students who need special education and related services. The U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) launched […]

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Special Education – It all Starts at Why

Is your child struggling academically? Is she having attention problems that interfere with learning? Is he overwhelmed and having behavioral issues in class? Or is he holding it together at school only to fall apart the minute he arrives home? Is the school ignoring your cries for help? As a parent, you want to know […]

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April is Autism Awareness Month

It’s April – Autism Awareness Month! What is Autism?  It seems to be mentioned in the news almost daily.  Our families with children on the spectrum each have their unique understanding of Autism and how it has affected their lives and their children’s lives. However, does the public truly understand Autism Spectrum Disorder? Autism Spectrum […]

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The Special Education–How Much Progress is Really Progress? The Supreme Court Finally Speaks

Parents and advocates of children with disabilities have been waiting a long time to hear the words of Chief Justice John Roberts when he said: When all is said and done, a student offered an educational program providing “merely more than de minimis” progress from year to year can hardly be said to have been […]

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World Down Syndrome Day 2017

Today is World Down Syndrome Day!  The Ramage Law Group celebrated by wearing crazy and unique socks.  Let’s all spread the awareness throughout our individual communities on the uniqueness of individuals with Down syndrome. The reality is that individuals with Down syndrome are some of the happiest individuals in the world.  They touch others’ lives […]

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Down syndrome is Down Right Awesome!

Join The Ramage Law Group in celebrating World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st by wearing crazy socks! World Down Syndrome Day was created to hear the voices of those with Down syndrome.  Each year those voices get louder and more widely known.  This day is a global awareness day that has been observed since 2012. Facts […]

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Exhaustion Can Be Exhausting

 Exhaustion can be exhausting.  If you are a parent of a student with special needs, you have probably heard that you must exhaust administrative remedies before filing suit against a school under laws such as the ADA or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.  Thanks to Wonder, the service dog, the U.S. Supreme Court has […]

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The Ramage Law Group Named a 2016 Law Firm 500 Honoree

We are pleased to announce that The Ramage Law Group has been named a 2016 Law Firm 500 Honoree. Earlier this year we were nominated for our growth, operational excellence and commitment to client service. It is an honor to be included as one of the top one-hundred fastest growing law firms in America. At […]

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A Time To Watch

Like most parents, you are beginning to settle into a back to school routine.  You have met the teacher, set your alarm clock, planned school lunches, made carpool arrangements, and have taken a deep breath and you are looking forward to fall break.  If you are the parent of a child with a disability, you know […]

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Don’t ask, Don’t Tell!

This week, The Houston Chronicle published an article that details one of the many concerns in the Texas public school system.  In the article, Denied: How Texas keeps tens of thousands of children out of special education story by Brian M. Rosenthal.  School districts have been refusing to evaluate and identify special needs students based on an inappropriate […]

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