Like most parents, you are beginning to settle into a back to school routine.  You have met the teacher, set your alarm clock, planned school lunches, made carpool arrangements, and have taken a deep breath and you are looking forward to fall break.  If you are the parent of a child with a disability, you know that now is not the time to rest.  Now is the time to watch!

If your child did not receive Extended School Year services (ESY), watch for regression.  How long is it taking for your child to recover previously acquired skills?  Is she able to recover by the end of the first grading period?

If your child is struggling in his core academic subjects, when did you last review his present levels of academic and functional performance (PLAFFPs)?

If your child is telling you that she is not receiving the extra time for tests, oral instructions, shortened assignments, or access to additional help, has her teacher received a copy of her IEP or her accommodations page?

If your child is experiencing anxiety over peer interactions, is he being bullied?  Or does he need social skill instruction?

Now is the time to watch!  Special education by definition is individualized to each child.  And, individualized education must adapt to your child’s ongoing needs.  The first grading period is important for your child and your child’s teacher.  Review his last IEP, take the opportunity to talk with your child’s teacher about his disability, and watch for signs that the IEP may not be working.  As a parent, you have the right to request an ARD meeting to review your child’s IEP and request changes to it based on your child’s current needs.  Use this first grading period to watch your child’s school performance carefully so you can intervene early if needed!
You are your child’s voice and best teacher!
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